This June, NEMPAC will present a full production of Puccini’s La Boheme at Faneuil Hall- the Great Hall. As if the glorious music, terrific singers and timeless story were not enough, this opera also contains a children’s chorus! A handful of NEMPAC music students were selected to take part in this production, and we are thrilled to announce them.

The singers are:

Grace Connolly
Sarah Connolly
Isabella Chavarro
Jadon Berkson
Rian Finn
Livia Pisani Ricciarini
Eleonora Pisani Ricciarini
Chiara Occhipinti Haskell
Georgia Klein

Our select Children’s Chorus will be working under Music Director, Samantha Prindiville. Samantha has extensive experience as a choral director, music educator as well as private instructor. Samantha is very excited to be working with our talented chorus of young people and we at NEMPAC are thrilled to have her as part of the Opera Project team!

Don’t miss three chances to see our select Children’s Chorus perform, June 25th, June 26th and June 27th at Faneuil Hall- the Great Hall! Tickets will be available on the NEMPAC website in early 2015.