CONGRATULATIONS to Ryan Nguyen, our NEMPAC PMI Student of the Month, and Daniela Morellato, our NEMPAC Class Student of the Month for April!
Here’s what their instructors, Andres Abenante and Amanda Teneriello, had to say:
“This month Ryan has risen to a couple of new challenges and I’m really proud of him for it! We’ve started looking at scales and improvising with them, as well as learning the most important chord shapes for learning almost any song. He’s been practicing a lot at home and always comes prepared and ready to keep learning! I don’t know where he’s getting his energy but it’s been paying off because he sounds better and better every time I see him. Keep up the great work, Ryan! “
—Mr. Abenante
“Daniela is a true joy to have in Creative Movement! Her smile is infectious and I always know she is ready to dance and sing! She shows great leadership by helping her dance friends and encouraging those around her. Thank you for bringing such a wonderful energy to Dance class Daniela!”
—Ms. Teneriello
Congratulations, Ryan and Daniela!