Congratulations to Thomas Blanchet and Ellie Corbin for being selected as our Students of the Month for April!


Based off of their instructor submissions, these students have earned being highlighted on our website for their hard work!



Here is what Jhon his instructor had to say about Thomas:
Thomas has always been a committed student who consistently puts his best effort forward. When faced with our transition to Online learning last year, Thomas continued attending all his lessons, prepared and ready to learn. Thomas has participated in three NEMPAC recitals since starting guitar lessons, including NEMPAC’s annual performathon. I am very proud of the progress he has made over the past year and a half.
Here is what Bailey her instructor had to say about Ellie:
Ellie has been an exemplary student through this pandemic and the switch to virtual lessons. She practices each week, always has a great attitude during lessons, and is excited to keep learning new things. Even though it’s easy to get distracted, Ellie remains focused in all her lessons and her hard work pays off!
Ellie has been flying through her lesson book and has also started working on her own compositions. She performed one of her original pieces at our last recital.