Benedetta Rossi Marangoni is a native Italian speaker and She is an instructor with extensive experience in teaching students of all ages.She comes from Bologna, a little city in the north-east of Italy, and She comes from a family of teachers, and She has been a passionate “teacher”.She received degrees in Classical Studies from Institute Liceo Ginnasio Galvani In Bologna – Italy.Afterward, Benedetta attended the “ Alma Mater Studiorum” of the  University of Bologna, in which She studied Italian Grammar and Literature, as well as several ancient languages among which Latin, Ancient  Greek, Sanscrito and Ancient languages pre-romans deserve a particular mention.In Italy Benedetta taught Italian, Latin, Greek ,Philosophy and Hstory in High School, and tutored students of all grades.Recently, She moved to Boston, to follow her husband, who works at MGH as a researcher. Her most recent working background in teaching foreign languages includes “Dante Alighieri Society” in Cambridge, “CCAE” in Cammbridge, “Nempac” in the North End and tutoring college students.Currently, Benedetta is a Plida Instructor of Italian  launguage and culture at the Dante Alighieri in Cambridge, at CCAE in Cambridge and at Nempac in North End.