PROGRAM POLICIES 2015-2016 (Updated March 2016):

The following outlines NEMPAC’s Program Policies for All classes and lessons.

Registration: We require new and returning students to register for each session. Registration is only accepted through our online system. Registration is not complete until Payment is received. If you have a problem registering, please call us or visit us during our scheduled office hours, Monday – Thursday 3:00 – 5:30 p.m.

Tuition Payments: NEMPAC will bill all customers for payment after online registration is received. Registration is not complete until payment is received. Late payments will result in $15 late fee charges, which will accrue monthly on the first of the month. All invoices are sent electronically through our E-Invoice system. If you fail to receive one within a 48 hour window, it is your responsibility to call NEMPAC right away.

Payment Option: Payment may be made online through our website with credit card via paypal, by Quickbooks payment processing, or paid in cash or check. Failure to make payment will result in late fees and possible discontinuation of class enrollment. Deadlines are below:

-Payment is due by REGISTRATION DEADLINE (usually one or two weeks before the start date of the session). Overdue payments will accrue monthly late fees of $15. NEMPAC does all billing electronically through E-Invoice.

-If payment has not been received two weeks after the start of the session, the student will be asked to discontinue lessons until payment is made in full. Should this occur, the student’s lesson time will not be held and might be given to another student.

Reduced Tuition:

-Sibling Discounts: NEMPAC offers a sibling discount of 10% to families with 2 or more students enrolled in our programs. Students must be under the age of 18. This discount applies to both the PMI program and the class program. The discount will be applied to the lesser cost program.

Early Childhood Program Sibling Discount: Additional siblings in Family Music Makers, Drum and Sing or Meet the Instruments will receive 50% tuition for the additional child. Not applicable across programs.

-Scholarship: NEMPAC has a Need-based Children’s Scholarship Fund for Families. Interested applicants must request an application from NEMPAC and are required to submit financial documentation to be considered for this.

Rolling Registration: If you wish to join a class or lesson mid-session, please contact NEMPAC. We are happy to pro-rate classes for you upon entering late. Some performance based programs do not accept late enrollment, including Kids Music Theatre and Music Theatre Troupe.

Cancellation / Refund Policy: Students will receive up to a 50% refund on any class or lesson withdrawal after the registration / payment deadline.  Withdrawal due to health issue or unexpected critical circumstance – NEMPAC administration will make decision whether a refund will be approved.

Absence Policies:

Early Childhood Program:

                  Students are able to make up 1 class per session and attend another offering of their      choice. This includes Family Music Makers, Drum & Sing, and Tiny Tunes Music. The make-up classes MUST be completed in the 10-week session you are currently in, or    registered for.

Private Music Instruction (PMI): 

24-Hour Notice and Missed Lessons: You must give your instructor 24 hours   notice of a cancelled lesson. If the lesson is not cancelled with 24 hours notice,   the absence will be considered unexcused. Please note that you are permitted one excused make-up lesson per session, and further cancellations will not be given a make up lesson. Unexcused absences will not be granted a make-up lesson. Unfortunately, if you miss a Group Private Instruction lesson, the instructor cannot offer you a make up lesson.

If an instructor has to miss a lesson due to an emergency or special circumstance, NEMPAC will schedule a substitute instructor or the regular instructor will make-up the lesson during make-up week or before the current session is completed.

Make-up Lessons: Please promptly notify your instructor if you will miss a lesson and need a make-up lesson at the end of the session. Typically, there is 1   week set aside for make-up lessons at the end of each quarter. You are permitted   one excused make-up lesson per session. You will not be charged additionally for this make-up lesson. ** An excused lesson is a missed lesson where the instructor is given at least 24 hours notice. If you miss a lesson without giving your instructor  24 hours notice, you will not be granted a make up for this lesson. Excused weather related absences will be made up by the instructor.

Schedule: We operate on a quarterly program calendar, Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. Our classes are usually 10 weeks in duration. Private Instruction ranges from 8 – 12 weeks dependent on the quarter. We follow the BPS school calendar.  Our website class calendar is a good reference for class schedule and will be updated regularly.

Performances: Will be arranged by NEMPAC administration OR class instructors. Generally our classes with ages 4+ usually contain end of the session performances or family & friends ‘share-days’.

Class / Lesson Location: NEMPAC hosts classes in various locations in the North End. It is important to notice on the class / lesson description on the website where your class is meeting.

-PMI Lessons are held at the NEMPAC Building on the Prado, St. John After School Program and Charlestown Working Theatre

-Classes are held in various location sites around the North End and Charlestown. Please refer to our website.

Class Weather-Related Cancellations:  NEMPAC always follows the Boston Public Schools snow day schedule. If there is bad weather, please check your email or the NEMPAC website.