NEMPAC and State Rep. Michlewitz Award Four North End Youth the Geraldine Marshall 2017-18 Music Scholarship. Congratulations to Marshall Scholarship Recipients Ferdinand Carangelo, Charlie Ellrodt, Shannon Raneri, and Lorenzo Vespignani! Due to the overwhelming support from the community and State Representative Michlewitz to carry on the Scholarship, NEMPAC was able to double the awards this year by providing now four students with full music tuition support.

The Geraldine Marshall Scholarship was established by her son, Representative Aaron Michlewitz in 2015. Ms. Marshall, who passed away at the age of 68, was born in Dorchester in 1946, moved to the North End at the age of 21 and settled here for almost 50 years before her passing. The fund preserves the legacy of a woman who loved children and the arts.

State Representative Aaron Michlewitz comments “I am so proud of our work with NEMPAC to provide these scholarships to children in the North End and to help them to continue their interests in the arts. I am even more proud that we were able to expand it to four recipients this year. Congratulations to those that received this year’s scholarships.”

The scholarship recipients were selected through a competitive application process and reviewed by the NEMPAC Scholarship Committee. Ferdinand Carangelo (age 9) is using his scholarship to continue his private piano lessons with NEMPAC instructor Ethan DePuy. Recipient and trumpet player Charlie Ellrodt (age 9) uses his scholarship to participate in the Eliot Band Program led and run by NEMPAC after-school. This program includes small group instrument training and ensemble practice two days a week. Scholarship recipient and flutist, Shannon Raneri (age 10), participates in both the Eliot Music Ensemble and Private Lessons with instructor Jaclyn Dentino. Drummer, Lorenzo Vespignani (age 9) will use his scholarship to participate for his second year in the Eliot Music Ensemble program after-school, also run by NEMPAC.

The Geraldine Marshall Scholarship is funded by The North End Cornhole Classic Tournament held every year at the Living Room Restaurant in May, hosted by Representative Michlewitz. Thank you to all who attended, sponsored and donated to support this fund.

ABOUT NEMPAC: The North End Music & Performing Arts Center is the North End of Boston’s key resource for arts programming. A group of North End mothers founded NEMPAC in 2001 in an effort to create musical programming for their children. In 2004, the Robert White Foundation donated to NEMPAC their city-operated space located off the Prado (The Paul Revere Mall) In the North End. This space, consisting of 4 private music studios, a storage basement and an office, is where NEMPAC began to flourish. Today, we are serving over 900 students a week through our education programs and partnerships including the Eliot BPS Innovation School, Charlestown Working Theater, and the St. John Catholic School. Our concerts are making the North End of Boston a destination for arts and culture. As we continue to grow as a Performing Arts Center, we continue to ensure we are engaging our audiences with creative, quality, and innovative programming.

MARSHALL SCHOLARSHIP FUND: Each year the fund awards scholarships in the Fall through an application process. For more information about this fund or how to contribute, please contact NEMPAC Executive Director, Sherri Snow at or 617-227-2270.

OUR MISSION: The North End Music & Performing Arts Center (NEMPAC) enriches Boston’s North End Waterfront and surrounding neighborhoods through affordable, quality music education and performing arts programs.


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