Education Overview

Education Program 2019-20:

We are excited to share with you our Education offerings for the coming season, an exciting mix of new and existing programming based on feedback from our community in the North End/Waterfront of Boston, Charlestown and surrounded neighborhoods. NEMPAC also proudly partners with schools in the area to offer in-school and after-school music programming. See our brochure: 2019-20-Education-Program.pdf.

Classes, Programs, and Private Lessons

The North End Music & Performing Arts Center (NEMPAC) believes we are all musicians and performers. Music and performing arts are neither unattainable nor unapproachable art forms. We foster accessibility and inclusiveness through an organizational culture that empowers artists of all abilities and ages.

NEMPAC offerings are organized to provide learners of all ages the best and most conducing learning environment:

Ages 0 to 4 years

  • First Steps
  • Family Music Makers
  • Creative Movement Jr.

Ages 4 to 7 years

  • Private Music Instruction
  • Group Guitar
  • Group Strings
  • Group Keyboard
  • Creative Dance and Movement
  • Young Dancers – Beginning Ballet & Jazz
  • Yoga to Music
  • Kids Music Theatre
  • Mini Maestros

Ages 7 to 13 years 

  • Private Music Instruction
  • Holiday Concert Choir
  • Honor’s Choir at St. John School
  • On Stage Dancers
  • Music Theatre Troupe at Charlestown Working Theatre
  • Music Theatre Troupe: Frozen JR.
  • Intermediate Music Theatre
  • Eliot Music Ensemble
  • Eliot Intro to Band
  • Eliot Band Program

Ages 13 to 17 years


All ages

  • Community Holiday Choir

Enrich your life, unveil your inner artist and join us through this exciting musical journey!

For more information, you can contact Allie Meek-Carufel, Educational Programs Director, call 617-227-2270 or email.