NEMPAC’s Students will begin collecting pledges for their practice on May 1st! Our students are excited to be encouraged to practice, share their dedication to music with the community, and help us support our programming in the neighborhood!

If you’d like to pledge a student, you may fill out the below form and we’ll make sure our student receives it! Our participating music students are listed below. These students are currently committed to private lessons at NEMPAC.

Adam Madeja
Alexx Kipp
Aliana Stanislaw
Alice Chisholm
Anna Magno
Anna Ruiz
Annabella Sandy Roche
Aoefe O’Donnell
Arda Şentürk
Ariana Galvoa
Bella Carr
Bella Chavaro
Brennan Berkson
Brian Shekell
Caitlin McDonough
Caitlyn McDermott
Carlo Crocini
Charlie Brown
Chiara Occhipinti
Duncan Smith
Eleonora Pisani RIcciarini
Elizabeth Carey
Elle Woods
Erika Ruiz
Ethan Sardina
Evan Sardna
Felicia Selbst
Georgia Klein
Grace abbot
Grace Connolly
Guilia Genastossio
Hannah Shea
Isabella Morales
Issac Piedalue
Jack Smith
Jackson Prinn
Jadon Berkson
James Hausser
James Matsoukos
Jaming Wu
John Ford
John Paul Giorgio
Kiera Carr
Leighton Wing
Lia Carr
Liam Finn
Liliana Previte
Lily Hamilton
Lisa Ayres
Lisa Gannon
Livia Pisani Ricciarini
Madeline Kim
Maggie Gohlmann
Marianna Spera
Matti Abati
Maura Hatala
Meade Daily
Meghan Warner
Mia O’reily
Mia Wu
Niamah Malone
Nicholas DiMambro
Nina Fincchiaro
Pat Woods
Pauline Pittet
Phoebe Niese
Riordan O’Donnell
Ryan Gohlmann
Rynne Daily
Sadie O’Leary
Samantha Everett
Sarah Connolly
Sawyer Bowen-Flynn
Sophia Romaniau
Thomas Blake
Tyler Aronoff
Victoria Hauser
Walker Cox
William Blake
William Gohlmann



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