Congratulations to Sofia Chavarro and Augusta Fry for March’s Student of the Month!

Based off of their instructor submissions, these students will be highlighted on our website for their hard work!


Here is what Ethan DePuy had to say about Sofia:
Sofia’s consistent creativity and positivity really set her apart. Her long-term artistic growth over the past four years has been an absolute joy to witness, and she always finds a way to add to the level of fun in lessons!
Here is what Heather Gallagher had to say about Augusta:
Although young, Augusta shows a lot of discipline and enthusiasm for her instrument. She always comes prepared to her lessons, asks lots of insightful questions and listens to instruction. Every week, she shows a little more mastery of her instrument and I feel that she should be rewarded for all of her hard work!
I appreciate that Augusta likes to challenge herself by singing and playing at the same time and I am delighted that she shares her original songs with me!