The North End Music & Performing Arts Center (NEMPAC) is thrilled to welcome Allie Meek-Carufel as their new Educational Program Director! Having already been a part of the NEMPAC organization for many years, Ms. Meek-Carufel has a solid understanding of the great impact NEMPAC has on the community. Over the past few years, NEMPAC has expanded its educational programs to surrounding neighborhoods of the North End including Charlestown and Beacon Hill, and has continued to ensure quality arts programming is accessible to all through its scholarship programs and subsidized programming. Ms. Meek-Carufel will help carry forward NEMPAC’s educational programming goals, build and sustain in-school partnerships, and ensure the needs of the community are heard and being met.

As an educator for the past 4 years NEMPAC has been one of my homes. The education programs at NEMPAC are some of the best I’ve worked with. I’ve been privileged to teach in an organization that provides quality arts education to the community, supports students of all backgrounds and levels and empowers students through dance, music, and theatre. I am beyond thrilled and honored to step into the role of Educational Programs Director. I look forward to engaging with the community, families, students, and instructors as NEMPAC and our educational programming continues to evolve and thrive.”
—Allie Meek-Carufel

Originally from Providence, RI, Allie joined NEMPAC in June 2015 as the Director of Summer Music Theatre Workshops. In September 2016 she helped expand the program and became the Director for the Music Theatre Program and the Music Theatre Troupe.

Before joining NEMPAC full time, Allie worked as a theatre teaching artist and taught at the Huntington Theatre Company, Watertown Children’s Theatre, and Boston Shakespeare. Along with teaching, she works an actor and director at theaters such as The Hub Theatre Company, Boston One Minute Play Festival, Festival Theatre and the Footlight Club. She will appear this summer in Hamlet with Praxis Stage in July at Danehy and Longfellow parks in Cambridge.

NEMPAC is thrilled to welcome Allie in her new role! After her many years of directing our Music Theatre Troupe program, she has a solid understanding of our role in the neighborhoods and the impact we have in our community and in the lives of those whom we serve. We know she will help us continue to strengthen our current programs and intersect our professional performance programs with our music school through new artistic experiences.
—Sherri Snow, Executive Director

If you are interested in learning more about NEMPAC’s music program offerings or have questions about Scholarships or Financial Aid, please contact Educational Programs Director Allie Meek-Carufel at or call 617-227-2270. To learn more, please visit



The North End Music & Performing Arts Center (NEMPAC) is a 501(c)(3) community music school and a professional performing arts center with a strong focus on serving the North End/Waterfront and surrounding neighborhoods of Boston by making quality music and arts programming accessible for all.

As a music school, NEMPAC reaches over a thousand students per week, offering music education programs across several art disciplines including dance, movement, and theatre. As a highly-respected performing arts center, NEMPAC presents public concerts and professional performance projects each year involving hundreds of local Boston artists.

NEMPAC believes we are all musicians and performers, and prepares individuals to be the best version of themselves through music education programs and transformative artistic experiences.

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