Yes, that’s right! In addition to serving our community through our own, ‘in house’ programming, we deliver QUALITY, ACCESSIBLE music education to schools in the North End, Charlestown, and surrounding neighborhoods of Boston! We offer a wide array of educational music program offerings as well as other disciplines including dance, movement, and theatre on-site at these schools to ensure music is accessible to students. Scholarships and financial aid are available to all students who need the support or who have been identified as a student who could highly benefit from arts programming and music training.

It is our goal to ensure quality programs with the best instructors in Boston are accessible to all. We couldn’t do this without the support of our annual donors, volunteers and supporters, who make up our true NEMPAC family and believe in the power of the arts in our community. Every year we provide a number of opportunities for our community to come together to get involved, provide support, and donate to our great cause. The Annual NEMPAC Perform-a-thon is one of our free events that showcase the talent of students and instructors. Its proceeds benefit directly NEMPAC’s Music Scholarships & Educational Programs fund which provides need-based support for enrollment in our programs.

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