Pick-Up Policies

NEMPAC Student / Parent

Pick-Up and Drop Off Protocol and Safety Procedures 

Parent Responsibility for Pick-Up and Drop off Option: Parents are responsible to elect in the pick-up option for an additional $50 on the registration form. Students enrolled in private lessons must be picked up from the Eliot Lower School Champions Program. Parents are responsible for all aspects of organizing and communicating the student pick-up with NEMPAC administration, instructors, and the Eliot School.

Students enrolled in classes must be picked up from the Eliot Lower School, please refer to your class description for information on pick-up availability. If students are returning to the Eliot Lower School after class, they must be enrolled in the Champions Program. It is the parents’ responsibility to communicate the pick-up and drop-off plan to NEMPAC administration, instructor, and the Eliot School.

*All changes that occur during the current session must be communicated to the NEMPAC administration, instructors, and the Eliot School*

Pick-Up/Drop-Off Protocol:

  • NEMPAC Instructor will be notified of each student requiring pick-up from the Eliot Lower School
  • NEMPAC will provide the Eliot School a roster of students enrolled in NEMPAC programming
  • NEMPAC instructor will pick-up student at the Eliot Lower School Champions Program, after checking in with the program supervisor
  • NEMPAC instructor will drop-off student to program supervisor at the Eliot Lower School Champions Program
  • “No student gets left behind” Policy: If supervisor is not at drop off site, your child will be taken back to NEMPAC and supervised in a lesson room with a NEMPAC instructor. Child will not be permitted to leave the premises until communication with child’s parent or emergency contact gives

Instructional Lesson Time:

  • No additional time will be put aside for pick-ups. If you elect in this option, your child will have less instructional time. An alternative to this would be to book a longer lesson duration, such as 45 minutes. 


NEMPAC Contact:

NEMPAC Office: 617-227-2270                    

Office Hours: Mon – Fri, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Contact for Emergencies Only:

Executive Director: 860-614-6852 Sherri Snow (cell)
Educational Director: 815-272-4311 Manda Shepherd (cell)