PROGRAM POLICIES 2017-2018 (Updated July 1, 2017):

Please review carefully and save the pdf attachment before the start of programming. By signing the consent on our registration form, you are agreeing to all NEMPAC Policies outlined in the PDF (linked below):

Updated Family Policies 2017-18


The following are some of NEMPAC’s key policies:

Registration PMI:

PMI students registering at any time are automatically enrolled for the 2017-2018 academic year. NEMPAC runs three sessions during this time: Fall, Winter, and Spring. Enrollment for the Summer Session will need to be completed separately.

Registration is a commitment for the full academic year.. If you choose to withdraw from private lessons, NEMPAC must be notified two weeks prior to the registration deadline. If you wish to only take lessons for one session, the same notification policy applies. Failure to provide sufficient notice will result in a $30 processing fee. If you wish to withdraw during a session, you may receive a 50% refund up to the session halfway point. Any withdrawals after this time will result in no refund.

Withdrawal due to health issue or unexpected critical circumstance, NEMPAC administration will make decision whether a refund or credit will be approved.

Registration Classes:

All students must register for classes each session on or before the registration deadline. Students will receive confirmation and notification of class details one-week prior to the start date.

Students will receive a 50% refund up to the halfway point on classes after the payment deadline. Formal notification of a withdrawal must be submitted to the NEMPAC office. No refunds will be given after the halfway point in the given session.

Withdrawal due to health issue or unexpected critical circumstance, NEMPAC administration will make decision whether a refund or credit will be approved.

NEMPAC will bill all customers for payment after online registration is received. Registration is not complete until payment is received. All invoices are sent electronically through our e-Invoice system. If you do not receive an invoice within  48 hours, it is your responsibility to call or email NEMPAC right away. Payment is due by the first day of each session. Late payments will result in a $15 fee which will be added one week after the payment deadline and will accrue monthly. Lack of payments may result in discontinuation of classes or lessons at the discretion of NEMPAC.

Along with class fees, the following fees may apply:

  • Eliot School Pick-Up: NEMPAC is able to offer pick-ups at the Eliot Lower School. NEMPAC instructors are responsible for picking up and/or returning students to after-school programs at Champions. Parents must review all pick-up protocol for this option. A $40 Pick-Up Fee applies for each session.
  • New Students: Any new student must pay a one-time $25 registration/processing for any classes and/or lessons.
  • Credit Card Processing: Students who choose to pay via credit card for private lessons are subject to a 4% processing fee of your total invoice. You can avoid this fee by selecting the “Pay by Check” option on your registration form, and either mailing in your check or delivering it in person to NEMPAC’s Prado building. Students can pay with credit card for any class, the processing is built in to the class fee.

Absences PMI:

You must give your instructor at least 24 hours notice of a cancelled lesson for it to be considered excused. If the lesson is not cancelled with at least 24 hours notice, the absence will be considered unexcused and will not receive a makeup. Students are permitted one makeup lesson for an excused absence per session. Any further cancellations will not receive a makeup lesson.

If you miss a lesson due to health or other extenuating circumstances, please contact Educational Programs Director in addition to your instructor.

Make up Lessons:

There is one to two weeks set aside for make-up lessons at the end of each session. Instructors may choose to make up excused absences during the regular session schedule if student availability allows. There will be no makeup for missed makeup lessons, either excused or unexcused.

Absences Classes:

Students will not receive makeup classes due to excused or unexcused absences. Makeup classes will only be given in the event of an instructor absence or weather-related closure.