Welcome to the North End Music & Performing Arts Center! We run a year-round private music instruction program, open to children and adults of all levels. Need-based 50% scholarships are available. Call 617-227-2270 for rate information, to arrange a trial lesson or to request a scholarship application.

Clarinet: Kristian Baverstam
Rachel Carpentier
Greg de Bourgknecht, Jeremy Sarzana
Rachel Carpentier, Ben Xia, Xiaolan Ruan, Rebecca Rapoport-Cole

Percussion: Jonathan Hess
Chris Schroeder
Sarah Glenn
Emma Stapleton
Voice & Theater: Sherri Snow

Fall 2011 Enrollment:
New Students:You may begin private music lessons at NEMPAC at any time. Sherri Snow will help you make initial contact with your instructor to arrange a trial lesson.  After that, you will arrange lessons directly with your instructor. A trial lesson is 30 minutes long. You must pay for this lesson as well as any additional lessons you register for in the current session.Returning Students must register for each session. There are four sessions each year: Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer (each lasts 9-11 weeks). Payment is due in full at or before your first lesson of each session. Unless you have arranged for a payment plan, you may not begin a new session without full payment. If payment is not received before the due date, you will be charged a late fee of $25. Lessons may not continue without payment. Schedule: Schedules are posted at NEMPAC and mailed with your registration packet. Please keep this schedule handy; it shows actual lesson dates.Make-ups: Please promptly notify your instructor if you will miss a lesson and need a make-up lesson at the end of the session. Typically, there are two weeks set aside for make-up lessons at the end of each quarter. You are permitted onemake-up lesson per session. You will not be charged for this make-up lesson.24-Hour Notice and Missed Lessons: Your instructor arranges his/her life to be at NEMPAC and available to teach you on the designated lesson dates. Unless you give him/her at least 24 hours notice of needing to cancel and reschedule a lesson, your instructor will bill NEMPAC for the lesson, and you will be financially accountable for it.  Please note that you are permitted onemake-up lesson per session, and cancellations beyond this do not require a make-up lesson.Payment Plans:Some students may opt for a payment plan. Please note that the missed lesson policy is the same, and you must pay for lessons before you take them. To participate in a payment plan, NEMPAC must have your credit card information on file. 

Weather-Related Cancellations: If there is bad weather, please check your email. Sherri Snow will send all students an update on the status of lessons for that day. NEMPAC does not follow the Boston Public Schools snow day schedule.

Policy Exceptions: If you have an extenuating circumstance possibly calling for an exception to one or more of the policies outlined above, please contact Sherri Snow or ssnow@nempacboston.org.  Be sure you have contact information for your instructor, and ALWAYS let your instructor know as far in advance as possible when you will miss a lesson.

Any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact Private Instructor Coordinator, Sherri Snow directly at ssnow@nempacboston.org