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The North End Music & Performing Arts Center (NEMPAC) brings WILLY WONKA Kids to the North End! Our Children’s Music Theatre Troupe will present this kids musical on two dates at the Improv Asylum Black Box Theatre. Our cast of over 25 characters will bring this musical renditition of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” alive! The show will be about 45-50 minutes in duration.

Tickets are available for purchase online. Tickets at the door are subject to availability.

Adult: $12 online / $15 at door
Student: $5 online / $8 at door
Children: Under 5 are free!
Reserved Front Row: $25 – online only (subject to availability)

Tickets:  http://www.eventbrite.com/e/willy-wonka-musical-tickets-11585092323

Performance Dates:

Thursday, June 12th at 5:30 p.m.
Saturday, June 14th at Noon

Production Team:

Stage Director & Artistic Director: Sherri Snow
Music Director: Alexandra Dietrich
Choreographer: Alia Roberts
Costumes and Props: Norma Heller


Willy Wonka: Giselle Berents
Candy Man: Annie Bugbee
Charlie: Maddie Health
Mrs Bucket: Vera Jacobsen
Mr Bucket: Grace Connolly
Grandma J: Fiona Duncan-Shine
Grandma Georgina: Maya Riley
Grandpa George: Meade Daily
Grandpa Joe: Jackson LeBlanc
James: Rynne Daily
Matilda:  Sadie Telles
Phineous Trout: Grace Abbott
Augustus: Emma Perez
Mrs Gloop: Annie Huffstutler
Veruca: Sarah Connolly
Mr. Salt: Norah Coburn
Violet: Chiara Haskell-Occhipinti
Mrs. Beauregaude: Abby Coburn
Mike TV: Nicholas DiMambro
Ms. Teavee: Riley Leech

Oompa Loompa’s:  Cecelia Green, Eva Boucher,  Sam Everett, Meade Daily, Maya Riley, Fiona Duncan-Shine

Candy Man Kids:
Sophie: Ariana Galvao
Danny: James Health
Billie: Sophia Litcherfield