Just as concertgoers are the lifeblood of an orchestra, NEMPAC’s “band of volunteers” is the driving force behind our 18-year track record of collaborative, community music-making. Who makes up this “band of volunteers?” 

The parent of a graduated NEMPAC student who still comes back to usher at the annual student music recital. The fine arts major who got his start on NEMPAC’s stage and returns home from college to donate his time to the musical theatre summer program for youth. The restaurant owner who provides space (and spaghetti and meatballs!) for a fundraising concert. The list goes on.

Volunteers donate their time and talent to NEMPAC for different reasons. But each and every one of them is connected through a belief in community transformation through music and performance, as well as a respect for artistic expression. 

Community members often ask us how they can join this “band of volunteers” and become more involved at NEMPAC during the summer months. We so appreciate the interest in our organization and offer this list of suggested activities for those looking to support our mission:

  1. What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received? For us, it’s a referral from you. Help us spread the word about the difference NEMPAC’s music education offerings and professional performance programming have made in your life by posting a Yelp review. Your testimonial may be just the encouragement and inspiration someone needs to sign up for instrument lessons or vocal workshops.
  2. Do you know an artist on the rise who believes in community transformation through music and performance? If you know an influencer or a micro-influencer who is making it big in the music business and is ready to use his or her platform to call attention to NEMPAC’s mission, please drop us a line at info@nempacboston.org. 
  3. If you love online shopping, this suggestion is for you! The next time you’re making a purchase through Amazon, donate to NEMPAC using Amazon Smile. This foundation funnels 0.5 percent of your purchases back to the mission-driven organization you have a particular affinity for. It only takes a few clicks of your computer mouse to select NEMPAC as your charitable organization of choice. Before you know it, NEMPAC will be reaping the benefits of your online shopping. 
  4. Set up a birthday fundraiser on Facebook and invite your family and friends to donate to NEMPAC. Not only will you help secure funds to expand our mission of music-making into even more communities, but you’ll also give your loved ones a chance to learn about a cause that’s near and dear to your heart. 
  5. Do you have a used musical instrument taking up space at home? If so, email us at info@nempacboston.org to let us know its condition and type. If there’s a fit between the instrument in question and a child or adult student’s need, we’ll pair the two together. 
  6. Book your next company outing at one of our concerts. Purchase a row or two of tickets so your employees can sit back and enjoy the show together. From classical to jazz to musical theatre to opera, our performances cater to a wide variety of musical styles and tastes.
  7. Fill a critical need by buying an item on our Amazon Wish List. Your purchase solves an immediate problem for one of our students or staff members—be it a case for a student’s instrument or musical supplies for an upcoming performance. Right now, the items on our Amazon Wish List include manuscript paper, a music stand, and studio headphones. 
  8. Add a blurb about NEMPAC or the link to a video from one of our recent professional performances to your email signature. This personalized touch will put our name in front of a wider audience and get the word out about the caliber of our programming. 
  9. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Comment, like, and share our social content with your circles of influence to inspire more community members to rally around our nonprofit’s cause. Your social engagement is a direct endorsement to the online world that you believe in NEMPAC and our music education and performance offerings. 
  10. Calling all business owners, families, and restauranteurs! Consider sponsoring an upcoming professional performance or production. Please contact Sherri Snow, executive director, at ssnow@nempacboston.org for specific sponsorship opportunities and levels.  

Thank you to our community of artists, advocates, and volunteers who work on the front line of our organization to advance our mission. We’re grateful to all who donate their time and talent to NEMPAC, and we’re excited to welcome our new volunteers this summer. Join our “band of volunteers” to help NEMPAC continue to make a lasting and resonant sound on the stage and in the community.