Tuition Assistance & Financial Aid


  • Sibling Discounts: NEMPAC offers a sibling discount of 10% off the additional student to families with 2 or more enrolled in any of our programs under the age of 18. This discount applies to PMI, class programs, and workshops. The discount will be applied to the lesser cost program. The sibling discount does not apply to already discounted programs such as semi-private lessons or those on financial aid.
  • Early Childhood Discount: NEMPAC offers a sibling discount for 50% off the additional student to families with two or more students enrolled in any of our early childhood programs such as First Steps and Family Music Makers. This discount only applies to early education and is not applicable across programs.
  • Parent Discount for Adult Classes: Adults who have a child enrolled in NEMPAC programming are eligible to receive 10% off Adult Class Sessions.
  • Faculty Discount: NEMPAC offers faculty and staff a 20% discount on PMI or classes for themselves and their children.
  • Ensemble Discount: Students enrolled in Rock Band Ensemble, Vocal Ensemble II, and NEMPAC Music Ensemble will receive 10% off of ensemble tuition if they are enrolled in private lessons with NEMPAC.
  • Seniors Discount: NEMPAC offers a 10% off tuition discount to all seniors, ages 65+.

NEMPAC Financial Aid Progam:

Since NEMPAC’s founding in 2001, the organization has prided itself in maintaining affordable pricing as well as offering financial aid to students in need. Over 40% of tuition revenue of the organization supports need-based scholarships, and over $7,000 is awarded in full scholarships each year from the Marshall Scholarship Fund. Students and families interested in support should be prepared to complete a financial aid application.

NEMPAC awards tuition assistance to adult students and families by taking into consideration several factors including household income, household size, and extenuating circumstances. This application is open to all. Applications are all confidential and reviewed by a committee.

If you are unable to complete this form for any reason or have any questions about the application process, please contact Educational Programs Director, Allie Carufel at


Please complete an application for each child seeking funding. Complete the google form or e-mail for additional options.

Provide supporting documents

If you have an EBT card: a copy of your EBT card

*We do not accept the P-EBT card
If you do not have an EBT card: a copy of your most recent tax return, 1040, copy of EBT card, or pay stubs proving salary in this form, or send to NEMPAC as instructed below

Deadline to apply for Fall programs: August 1 (Priority Deadline) August 26th (General Deadline)

Payment Plans
You can select a monthly payment plan option at the time of your first payment. Invoices will be sent automatically, and an additional $25 payment fee will be applied plus a deposit of 25% of tuition due at the time of registration.

Musical Theatre Troupe: The final payment must be made two weeks prior to auditions.

Please e-mail before registering to receive discount.

  • Sibling Discounts: 10% off the additional student to families with 2 or more enrolled in our programs under the age of 18. The discount will be applied to the lesser cost program and does not apply to already discounted programs or those receiving tuition assistance. 
  • Early Childhood Discount: 50% off the additional student to families with two or more students enrolled in our early childhood programs First Steps and Family Music Makers. 
  • Parent Discount: 10% off classes for adults with a child enrolled in NEMPAC programs.
  • NEMPAC Faculty Discount: 20% discount on programming for themselves and their children. 
  • Ensemble / Production Discount: Students enrolled in lessons or other programming at NEMPAC will get a reduced rate tuition for all production or ensemble programs.
  • Senior Discount: 10% off tuition to all seniors, ages 65+ 
  • College Discount: 10% off private instruction or adult class session with valid ID. 
  • Military Family: 10% off tuition for military families. 
  • Teacher Discount: 10% off adult class programming tuition for educators. 
  • Health Care Professionals Discount: 10% off adult class programming tuition for healthcare professionals.

Card to Culture

NEMPAC is proud to participate in the Massachusetts’ Card to Culture Program.

Massachusetts residents who are EBT cardholders and their families automatically qualify for partial tuition assistance for students of all ages and abilities in NEMPAC classes, workshops, and summer workshop programs.  Students with an EBT card will typically receive a minimum of 50% discount on one class or Private Music Instruction session, with larger awards available based on applicant need and the NEMPAC budget. Tuition-assistance is available on a first come first serve basis as the budget allows.  More about the State Card to Culture program can be found here.

To apply for tuition assistance as an EBT cardholder, please visit for information on our website as well as the various program offerings.

Financial Aid Periods & Deadline Dates:

Fall Session (SEPT – DEC 2024/JAN 2025)
  1. Class Award period (September 22, 2024 – December 20, 2024)
  2. PMI Award period (September 9, 2024 – February 2, 2025)
  3. Application Deadline: AUGUST 1ST (PRIORITY DEADLINE) AUGUST 26TH (General Deadline)
Spring Session (JAN/FEB – JUNE 2025)
  1. Class Award period (January 6, 2025 – June 23, 2025)
  2. PMI Award period (February 3, 2025 – June 23, 2025)
  3. Application Deadline: DECEMBER 13TH
Summer Session (JULY/AUG 2024)
  1. Program Award period (July 1 – August 30, 2024)
  2. Application Deadline: MARCH 1ST

Types of Aid


Tuition Assistance Program

Discounted tuition is available for any student from any school or neighborhood.     

The NEMPAC Tuition Assistance Program provides annual financial assistance to youth each year through an application process reviewed by an anonymous committee. Funds are raised yearly at our annual Performathon in April to support this aid that gives back nearly 30-35% in program revenue to students in need. 



Full scholarship for four to five youth per year, under the age of 18 and resident of Boston’s North End. Applications are due every August.

The Geraldine Marshall Scholarship Fund founded in 2014, continues to preserve the legacy of a woman who loved children and the arts. The Scholarship was established by Geraldine’s son, Representative Aaron Michlewitz. Ms. Marshall, who passed away at the age of 68, was born in Dorchester in 1946, moved to the North End at the age of 21 and settled here for almost 50 years before her passing.

Gratitude to NEMPAC for providing this incredible honor and opportunity through the Geraldine Marshall scholarship award; Relief that with this award, Sabina will be able to continue her study of a universal language which builds incredible thinking skills, elegance, confidence, and power which she can then share with and inspire others through; Pure Joy to see Sabina’s shining smile and significant growth after each and every marvelous class with Miss Amanda at NEMPAC! Thank you deeply, for this incredible honor without which we would not have been able to give Sabina this opportunity she so honestly deserves and loves.”

Kristina Berger, Mom of Sabina Cohen, NEMPAC Student, Geraldine Marshall Scholarship Recipient

I feel lucky to have an organization like NEMPAC at our doorstep. My two boys have been involved in NEMPAC activities for years, starting with Family Music Makers when they were babies. Now, they both take piano lessons and participate in the theater summer camp, as well as the musical theater troupe. The Geraldine Marshall Scholarship has helped our family to make these activities possible. Last year, my son, Preston, received the scholarship, and we were thrilled that this year, his brother, Nicholas, was awarded the scholarship. We are very thankful for the generosity of Aaron Michlewitz for continuing to support arts education.”

—Lauren Horan, Mom of Preston & Nicholas Horan, NEMPAC Students, Geraldine Marshall Scholarship Recipients

The Geraldine Marshall scholarship is such a wonderful way to remember and honor the loss of a loved one. Music is an amazing gift. It can put a smile on your face and fill your life with joy and happiness. That is exactly what this scholarship does. It brings joy and happiness to children who love and appreciate music.

—Terri Esposito, Parent of a NEMPAC Student, Geraldine Marshall Scholarship Recipient

“I want to extend my most sincere thank you to the team at Hansen and Rosasco. Troy and Sam threw me a life vest when I needed it most. I really do not know where I would be now without their help.”

John Benny