This year’s special anniversary marks two decades of NEMPAC thriving at the intersection of arts education and professional performance. One of the ways we’re honoring our 20th anniversary as your community music school and performing arts center is through the creation of a “20-for-20” donor circle.

To join this community of donors, visit our “20-for-20” donor circle webpage and set up a twelve-month recurring gift of $20. Here are 20 reasons to participate in this automated gift plan:

  1. You’ll receive an exclusive invitation to the grand opening of NEMPAC’s state-of-the-art, public music center located at 48-50 Tileston Street in downtown Boston. That means you’ll be among the first in the greater-Boston area to see NEMPAC’s 2,200 square foot campus expansion, complete with group instruction studios, a new keyboard lab, and a music technology room.
  2. You’ll have access to early-purchase opportunities for arts programming and creative performances at our public music center on Tileston Street starting in the fall of 2021. Say goodbye to the hassle of scrambling for tickets and racing to reserve seats for you and your loved ones before concerts sell out.
  3. Your 20th anniversary contribution will be recognized in our annual report.
  4. You’re interested in gradually building your annual gift to NEMPAC. As NEMPAC’s Executive Director Sherri Snow explains, “This 20th anniversary donor circle is an easy, hands-free, and budget-friendly way for community members to support NEMPAC. This recurring gift plan empowers donors to plan their support in increments while also increasing the total amount of their annual giving.”
  5. You want to empower artists of all ages and abilities.
  6. You want to be part of the community who realizes NEMPAC’s vision of vibrant Boston neighborhoods where music and performing arts fill the city with creativity, spark connections, and inspire us to be our best selves.
  7. You want to enrich your neighborhood with affordable, high-quality arts programming and performances.
  8. You want to help NEMPAC fund jobs for performing artists in the greater-Boston area to propel their careers forward.
  9. You want NEMPAC to continue to transform urban settings into nontraditional concert venues to creatively bring live music to you, your loved ones, and your community.
  10. You want to nurture rising artists through in-person and virtual education courses, private and group music instruction, and programming at area schools.
  11. You believe the arts are an expression of our shared humanity.
  12. You want to help NEMPAC create opportunities for the next generation of artists to share physical and virtual stages with professional musicians.
  13. You’d like to see NEMPAC continue to present virtual concerts such as “New Music from New England” to sustain the tradition of live performance amid COVID-19.
  14. You want to ensure NEMPAC has the financial capital to invest in technology that makes geography irrelevant and welcome families like Kristen Antolik’s from Florida and Christina Wiater’s from North Reading, Massachusetts, into the NEMPAC family.
  15. You are committed to elevating the voices and talents of NEMPAC’s diverse faculty artists through concerts such as Nuestras Raíces.
  16. You believe the arts are an antidote to stress, a source of comfort and hope, and an innate connection builder.
  17. You’d like to sustain NEMPAC’s Open Mic Nights to give all artists a safe, supportive space to share their talents.
  18. You want to fuel adult students enrolled in private music instruction on a journey inward to expand their perceptions of self and (re)ignite their creativity.
  19. You want to fund the development of innovative curriculum for offerings in our community music school like Family Music Makers and Music Theatre Troupe.
  20. You want to help NEMPAC strengthen and unite communities through the transformative power of the arts.

To join this community of donors:

  1. Visit the “20-for-20” donor circle
  2. Select the monthly donation frequency and apply your gift to the annual fund.
  3. Enter your contact and payment information and register for this automated gift plan.

“Community members who join the “20-for-20” donor circle are honoring the difference NEMPAC has made in thousands of people’s lives since its founding in 2001,” said Snow. “By donating, members are enriching our local neighborhoods with arts and cultural programming, music education in local schools, and free live performances and concerts. All gifts to the “20-for-20” donor circle will support NEMPAC’s annual fund, a critical revenue stream that sustains the nonprofit’s fiscal health, so our faculty and staff can continue to empower artists of all ages and abilities for the next 20 years.”