Here at NEMPAC, we continue to adapt our offerings to ensure the health and safety of our community while sustaining high-quality, immersive arts programming amid the coronavirus pandemic. This week’s blog post spotlights three online offerings for artists of all ages and abilities to partake in this summer:

How to Learn Ukulele in a Month: Online Series for Adults  

That’s right! The above is correct—YOU can learn to play the ukulele in less than 30 days this summer! Our five-class series, spanning July 7 through August 4, is customized to immerse community members aged 18-plus in the study of this string instrument in a creative, fun, and judgement-free learning environment.

Taught by Alexandra Dietrich, artistic director of NEMPAC’s Opera Project, this online programming will run on Tuesday evenings from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. The course will be offered virtually through Zoom. The series costs $95, and the only required material to purchase is your ukulele! Check out several instrument options, selected to fit a variety of budgets.

From tuning the ukulele to strumming chords, several musical competencies and skills will be taught and honed throughout the program. In addition, Alexandra Dietrich will teach students how to play a song on the ukulele while simultaneously singing along to the music.

Allie Meek-Carufel, educational program director at NEMPAC, commented on how the online ukulele series will meet community members wherever they are on their musical journeys. “Learning the ukulele is an easier and more affordable instrument than most. For adults, it was easy to offer a mini session of ukulele where they can get their feet wet with learning a simpler instrument that doesn’t cost as much as a keyboard or guitar. Plus, they can do it from their own home! It’s the perfect stepping stone to learning an instrument for a busy adult.”

Spots are filling quickly, so register today using this link!

Ask an Expert Series: Virtual Q&A for Teens and Adults

Moderated by NEMPAC’s voice and piano instructor, Heather Gallagher, as well as Alexandra Dietrich, this virtual Q&A series fosters virtual connection and dialogue between distinguished artists and members of our community. Since May 28, this online series has expanded participants’ artistic horizons, stretched their perceptions of the creative process and invited vibrant conversation about all things music and performing arts.

Prior topics in the Ask an Expert Series include a Diversity and Leadership in the Arts Roundtable, as well as a session about Artistic Resiliency and Opportunity Creation in the Covid-19 Era.

Allie Meek-Carufel reflected on what community members can expect to get out of this program, “…participants will know a little more about the topic of the week, have additional resources to further develop their knowledge on the topic, and recognize the diversity of NEMPAC’s community of artists. Families that want to learn more about the art world that their student is so interested in will greatly benefit, as will donors and community members that are simply fans of the arts and the field. Adult members of the arts community will also get a chance to hear from their peers, connect, and bounce ideas and experiences off of each other.”

This programming is free, and you can register for the next session, scheduled for July 16, here.

Online Private Music Instruction: Customized Lessons for Artists of All Ages and Abilities

 We couldn’t be more excited to let you know that our registration for summer 2020 private music instruction has increased nearly 50 percent in comparison to last summer!

We believe that this heightened registration stems from our community’s belief in the transformative power of the artists, especially amid times of crisis. Our faculty and staff members are grateful for the opportunity to continue to teach you and/or your families/children through this virtual offering in our community music school.

Private music instruction will span ten weeks this summer, and from July 6 to September 11, artists of all ages and abilities will participate in customized, tailored instruction via Zoom. Options for private music study include:

Partial Summer

  • 5-pack lessons (1 lesson per week during 5 weeks)
  • 10-pack lessons (2 lessons per week during 5 weeks)

Full Summer

  • 10-pack lessons(1 lesson per week during 10 weeks)
  • 20-pack lessons (2 lessons per week during 10 weeks)

Customize your Summer

  • Coordinate a customized pack of lessons with your instructor

Ready to begin or continue your musical journey this summer? Fill out this private lesson inquiry today!

In sum, we’re thankful for each and every member of the NEMPAC family for their unwavering support of our online summer 2020 programming.

What virtual programming are you and your family most looking forward to this summer?