Congratulations to our Class and PMI Students of the Month, Strummer Lynch and Ella Ryan!

“Strummer has been studying violin in group strings since September. She always on time, attentive in class, and has creative practice ideas. During our winter recital she had accidentally switched her violin with another student’s who was not at the recital that day. Even though the violin was smaller than hers she still went up and gave a wonderful performance. Well done, Strummer!”
—Nicole Kootz, Group Strings and Violin/Viola/Piano Instructor

“Ella has been a student of mine for four years now, and it has been a joy to see her grow! This year she has been extremely dedicated to her practicing, and it is showing in her lessons and performances. We are now preparing for our spring recital, and I cannot wait to hear how everything comes together. Great job Ella!”
—Manda S. Amodio, Piano/Clarinet Instructor & Educational Programs Director