Together, the North End Music and Performing Arts Center and The Old North Church Foundation will help kick off the 75th year of the Celebrity Series of Boston season by co-hosting a piano for the, “Play me, I’m Yours!” street piano festival here in Boston. The piano will be held in the Old North Church courtyard and is available to the public for playing during the festival, September 27th to October 14th, 2013.

The excitement began when NEMPAC was first given the street piano this past summer. The piano was launched at the NEMPAC family night on July 18th, 2013 and painted by North End artist and resident Giovanni DeCunto to represent his view of a modern, Italian American community. The piano has since been moved to its outdoor home, the Old North Church courtyard so that members of the North End community and tourists alike can enjoy the piano.

Each year, only a handful of cities worldwide are selected to host pianos as part of this international festival. As described by the Celebrity Series, “Touring internationally since 2008, Play Me, I’m Yours! is an artwork by artist Luke Jerram that places pianos in public spaces for the enjoyment of the community. By creating a place of exchange Play Me, I’m Yours! invites the public to engage with, activate and take ownership of their urban environment.” Boston shares the 2013 honors with Monterey, Munich, Geneva, Paris, Cleveland and Omaha.

In the North End? Come check out our street piano and be part of this international festival and event!  All our community members are invited and encouraged to stop by the courtyard, checkout and play this piano!

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Here are some pictures of our NEMPAC morning piano class playing the North End piano!

bella bodhi brennon1 piano1