Emma is a 4th grader at the Eliot School and a member of the Eliot Band Program! She was nominated by her Band Percussion Instructor, Matias Moar, for her excitement and progression on the drums! Matias says that “Emma is up to date with her homework every week, brings songs that I did not assign as extra work and plays all three percussion instruments with equal excitement. She has demonstrated genuine interest in progressing on the drums and is a gem to work with.”

Sofia is a 7th grader at the O’Bryant School of Math and Science and has been taking lessons at NEMPAC for many years! She is also a member of the Musical Theatre Troupe and Teen Intern Program! She was nominated by her private instructor, Anna Samoilava, for her dedication and work ethic while learning piano! Anna says that “Sofia has been diligently studying piano with me and I am continually impressed by her dedication, passion, and musicality. Sofia’s journey in music has been nothing short of inspiring. Since the beginning of her piano studies, she has exhibited a natural talent and a remarkable work ethic. Her commitment to her craft is evident in her consistent progress and her eagerness to tackle new challenges. Not only does Sofia possess exceptional technical skills, but she also has a deep understanding of musical expression and interpretation.