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NEMPAC March 2017 Student of the Month – Thomas Toponarski!  

Congratulations to our April Student of the Month, piano student Thomas Toponarski! Check out what his Instructor, Nicole Kootz, has to say: 

“When Thomas came to his first piano lesson he was already working out “Do Re Mi” from the Sound of Music by ear.  Since then he has learned all of the note names, more than 4 new songs, and can play many of these from memory.  He always shows up with a smile, even after a long day at school, and loves being able to complete a new song or skill without the help from his teacher.”
NEMPAC Faculty members nominate students each month to be considered for this award. 
Congratulations Thomas!

NEMPAC February 2017 Student of the Month – Sarah Foley! 

Congratulations to our February Student of the Month, guitar student Sarah Foley! Check out what her Instructor, Jack Byrne, has to say: 
“Sarah began playing the guitar when she was only four years old, and I have been her teacher for the past two and a half years. Sarah is an incredibly bright student who picks up new songs and musical concepts very quickly. In our time together she has played songs like “Another One Bites the Dust,” by Queen, “Welcome to New York,” by Taylor Swift, and “Try Everything,” from the movie “Zootopia.” Sarah‘s excitement about music and dedication to the guitar make her a joy to work with and I can’t wait to see where she goes from here!”
NEMPAC Faculty Members nominate students each month to be considered for this award. 
Congratulations Sarah!

NEMPAC January 2017 Student of the Month – Chloe Greene!  File_000 (1)

Congratulations to our January Student of the Month, clarinetist Chloe Greene! Here’s what her instructor, Educational Programs Director Manda Shepherd, has to say:

“Chloe has been playing clarinet for over three years, and has been a student of mine for over two. Throughout our time together she has worked harder than any young musician I’ve taught, and has made incredible improvements. Chloe is constantly trying to learn more about music, and is the first to say yes to a new performance, exercise, or piece. She has even challenged me to push her by looking for competitions and music festivals to participate in. Her hard work has been paying off in successful performances and in being placed as first clarinet in her school ensemble! Chloe has inspired me as an instructor to do more for all my students. I am so incredibly proud of the work she has done, and what she is planning to do in the future.”

NEMPAC Faculty Members nominate students each month to be considered for this award.

Congratulations Chloe!

NEMPAC December 2016 Student of the Month – Shannon Raneri

Congratulations to our December Ssom-shannon-renaritudent of the Month, the talented Shannon Raneri! Here are some words from her instructor, Kimberly Littlefield:

“January 1, 2017 is a special milestone for Shannon: she’ll have been studying flute – and music generally – for just 100 days. Because of her positive attitude and dedication to practicing, however, you would think she’s been playing for much more. Shannon has not only enjoyed learning to play music as it’s written, but is also using her own creativity to write some melodies too. I’m so proud of how far Shannon’s come and look forward to hearing her grow more.”
NEMPAC Faculty Members nominate students each month to be considered for this award.
Congratulations Shannon!

NEMPAC November 201img_3932-16 Student of the Month – Austin Marill

Congratulations to our November Students of the Month, the dedicated Austin Marill! Here’s what his instructor, Kathryn McKellar has to say about him:

“Austin arrives to his lesson prepared and with a great attitude.  He is willing to tackle any task, even when he faces a new concept or a difficult musical passage.  Austin takes feedback well and also brings new ideas to his music playing. When Austin is not playing piano he can be found at his favorite Boston hot-spot “The Museum of Science” or listening to “The Beatles”.  His goal is to one day play “Sargent Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”.”

NEMPAC Faculty Members nominate students each month to be considered for this award.

Congratulations Austin!


NEMPAC October 2016 Student of the Month – Chiara Haskell-Occhipintisom-no-text

Congratulations to our October Student of the Month, Chiara Haskell-Occhipinti! Here are some words from her teacher, Rhaea D’Aliesio:

“Chiara comes to her lesson ready to learn with a positive attitude, and an open heart and mind. I can tell that she has put in thought and energy during the week, and truly invests herself personally in each piece. She has made great improvement and there is so much more to come!”
NEMPAC Faculty Members nominate students each month to be considered for this award; congratulations Chiara!

 NEMPAC September 2016 Student of the Month – Evan Dedels unnamed

Congratulations to our September Student of the Month, Evan Dedels! Here are some words from his teacher, Ben Xia.

 “As one of the youngest students in my piano studio, Evan Dedels is a talented piano learner who has made remarkable progress.  In 9 months of piano study at NEMPAC, Evan has finished his 1st piano book and performed at NEMPAC’s annual recital. At his current age, Evan is also one of a few students who practice piano on a daily basis. Evan shows a good example of piano study for a young child.”
NEMPAC Faculty Members nominate students each month to be considered for this award!

NEMPAC May 2016 Student of the Month – Lleyton Wing

Lleyton was nominated by his teacher, Jeremy Sarzana. Here’s a few words from Jeremy about Leighton.NEMPAC Student of the Month - Lleyton Wing

“Lleyton is a serious student who comes to class prepared.  He enjoys learning, from the technical stuff to the things we learn by ear.

Lleyton is a very smart boy who listens attentively picks up the material quickly.  He truly enjoys the guitar and is dedicated to learning it inside and out.

He does his homework and tries his hardest during the  lessons. He is a joy to teach because he has a work ethic and attention span that allows us to cover a variety of material that I believe will make him a well rounded guitar player as well as musician.

I have heard some good news that Lleyton will be attending Boston Latin school next year.  I think he will be a great fit for this school as he is a smart boy as well as a good student.

Not only is Lleyton a good student but he’s also a very talented musician.  He’s a natural and has great coordination for the guitar.  I’m glad Lleyton is sticking with it and I foresee much success in his future.”

NEMPAC April 2016 StudNEMPAC Student of the Month - Sophia Lichterfeldent of the Month – Sophia Lichterfeld

Sophia Lichterfeld was nominated as NEMPAC’s Student of the Month by her teacher, Sarah Ryu-Ping. Here are a few words from Sarah.

“Sophia is an incredibly bright student who only began playing the violin this past fall, which you might never know by hearing her play. Within 2 months of playing, she successfully made her first public concert debut at the Trellis Lighting Event!

Sophia comes to every lesson with eagerness to learn something new and demonstrates excellent work ethic. Sophia’s dedication and love for playing makes her a real joy to teach!”

NEMPAC March 2016 Student of the Month – Thomas McMahon

NEMPAC Student of the Month

We are delighted to announce that Thomas McMahon was chosen as NEMPAC’s Student of the Month. He was nominated by his teacher Ben Xia, who had these words to say about Thomas.

“Thomas has a very good learning attitude as a piano student. From the two sessions of piano learning, Thomas has not only improved his piano techniques significantly, but also encouraged his brother practicing piano at home. I am looking forward to hearing even more improvements from Thomas soon.”


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