Does the spring make you want to sing? It sure does for us at NEMPAC! If the warm weather makes you want to burst into song, you are not alone! Here at NEMPAC, we are gearing up for the spring session of our women’s chorus class.

This class is run by Rachel Carpentier, a NEMPAC faculty member, Harvard Graduate and Boston University Master in Choral Conducting Candidate. Rachel’s curriculum encompasses a variety of musical genres, and is designed for all levels and ages. Of the class, Rachel explains, “this course is intended for people who love to sing, and are eager to try singing in an ensemble. In the first few sessions, we will cover basics of notation for those who need a refresher. We will cover other aspects of music theory as the course continues, as well as healthy singing, diction, and blend within a group.” Performance opportunities for the women’s chorus include NEMPAC outdoor events, student recitals and a performance in the NEMAPC summer concert series. Last session, the chorus performed 2 and 3 part holiday music at the NEMPAC holiday recital, spreading holiday cheer through song to all!

Want to join the women’s chorus this session? We would love to have you! Please visit, to register or contact