As with all arts experiences, we tend to enjoy the experiences that we have a frame of reference for, such as seeing a favorite band play familiar songs, or seeing an art exhibit where you know a personal history of the artist. Often, we go to see a performance and say, “that was great (or terrible) but I really did not understand it!”

The Romantic Operas of Puccini Adult workshop is geared to the seasoned opera lover, as well as those new to the opera performance world. This workshop will break down and delve deeper into the world of Puccini and his famous romantic operas, with a special focus on his masterpiece, La Bohème.Romantic Operas of Puccini

Workshop participants will share in a social and musical experience in conjunction with receiving an educational context for which to enjoy and evaluate the opera experience. Taught by renown educator and opera coach, Thomas Enman, this is one adult workshop not to be missed! Plus, in addition to the four workshop class offerings, participants will go see the NEMPAC production of La Bohème as a class.

Please contact workshop administrator, Rebecca Rapoport-Cole, at should you have any questions.