On August 30th 2012 The North End Music and Performing Arts Center introduced some of Shakespeare’s wittiest characters to the Prado! The buildings covered in white lights and the audience placed between the trees gave this outdoor performance the feeling it needed while watching the talented cast of Twelfth Night.

Combined with Shakespeare’s language- director Courtney LaFlamme added an 80’s twist to this popular production! Featuring well known hits such as Madonnas “Lucky Star” and Marvin Gayes “Lets get it on” along with the theme song from the 80’s horror flick Freddy Krougar Nightmare on Elm Street. 

“I knew that having an outdoor production was going to difficult! With people walking through and the city noise itself my cast had a lot of things working against them but they pulled through amazingly and I am so proud. I chose to add 80’s music to the performance because well, come on-who doesn’t love the 80’s? and Im pretty positive if I was walking outside and heard the theme song from Nightmare on Elm Street- Id stop to see what was going on” Courtney LaFlamme 


Twelfth Nights cast members consisted of several of  NEMPAC ‘s own including Jeremy Sarzana, Emily Trask,and Chris Pike. With performcances by Candis Machia, Elsa Mclaughlin, Glynnis Cronin and Daniel Trask as well. With the music, costumes, energy of the city, and support of the communtiy it made NEMPACS first Shakepeare in the Prado a huge success!