NEMPAC brings arts and music education to places where, sadly, education it is disappearing. Whenever budget cuts loom over public programs we have found ourselves catching programs that otherwise fall through through the cracks. These are opportunities that wish were not so readily available.

We know music and arts education is essential to growing minds, linked closely to better grades, associated closely with the understanding of language comprehension and the overall confidence of children. We continue to seek partners for our mission of bringing a meeting of world class quality instruction and those who need it most.

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Eliot School Outreach- Opera Project Spring 2011

NEMPAC and Eliot K-8 Innovation School began their partnership in 2010.  Currently NEMPAC provides in-school music education classes to grades K through Grade 2. Our wonderful instructor, Stefano Marchese also teaches Grades 3 and 4 through their E-Cycle schedule through out the year. The Eliot school supports NEMPAC’s after-school programs and students are often picked up from school from instructors and escorted to special arts programming. The upper school program is solely funded by EdVestors BPS Arts Expansion Grant and the Liberty Mutual Foundation.

After-School NEMPAC Offerings:

NEMPAC and the St. John Catholic School enter their 3nd year in Partnership to provide Music Education and Exploration to their students!

St. John SchoolSt. John School in the North End will partner again this year with NEMPAC to offer K4 through 2nd Grade early music and movement education classes and  Grades 3-8 with choral programming. NEMPAC’s choral program includes a youth chorus and a middle school chorus. The chorus will be putting on a holiday recital as well as a spring recital.

This year NEMPAC is offering a special after-school Honors Choir for St. John Students! Ms. Alexandra Dietrich is excited to encourage all of her students, grades 5 – 8, to be involved in this choir which will include a more challenging choral repertoire, as well as training in music theory, vocal technique, and singing in a group. The St. John School Honors Choir will be invited to perform in a special Holiday NEMPAC Concert in addition to the St. John Christmas Concert.

In addition to this great programming, NEMPAC will also be providing private piano, guitar, and violin lessons after school at St.  John’s. Interested families should schedule lessons and discuss pricing directly with NEMPAC by contacting Rebecca Rapoport-Cole at – please include “St. John PMI piano or violin” in the subject line. Lesson slots are subject to availability.

“We are very excited to partner with NEMPAC in expanding our music classes at St. John School,” said Karen McLaughlin, Principal of St. John School in the North End. “Our goal is to provide all of our students with a well-rounded education and a quality music program is an important part of our ability to provide learning opportunities for our children.”

“With the support of Principal, Karen McLaughlin, NEMPAC’s music program will provide students a stronger opportunity for artistic growth throughout their elementary and middle school years. We believe this will influence their appreciation of music for a lifetime! We’re very excited to begin this partnership,” stated Sherri Snow, Executive Director of NEMPAC.

If you have any questions, please contact Sherri Snow at