Lisa is an adult student in the piano studio of Rebecca Rapoport-Cole. Here is a write up about Lisa in her own words!“It’s the only way to achieve a goal and with a great mentor, it
sure is fun getting there. Thanks to Rebecca Rapoport-Cole, my teacher of three years at NEMPAC, she encouraged me to play in front of people, with abandon!  Last fall, my goal was to learn and play Christmas Carols.  Lucky for me, the Charlestown Zelma

Lacey Assisted Living Center gave me an opportunity in December on Wednesdays to play for an hour. The residents liked to sing along and it was very rewarding!

This semester, I’m interested in exploring piano theory, and chord structure in hymn music.  What are those symbols I, ii, IV, V in classical music?  How do these patterns repeat in a key signature are some of my questions that come up during practice of my scales, arpeggios and chords.I don’t think I’ll play in church or Carnegie Hall but it sure is fun to practice and play. Thank you for my nomination! It is an honor (and a boost to my ego!) to receive this designation from such a great group of teachers and educators.”