Nina Finocchiaro, vocalist, sings the National Anthem at the NEAA (North End Athletic Association) opening baseball day, Saturday April 28th, 2012. Nina takes voice lessons at NEMPAC with instructor, Sherri Snow. Ms. Snow comments, “Nina has an exceptional talent…one that she is very humble about. Her voice is powerful, soulful, and confident, one that has the potential to take her to HUGE places!


NEMPAC Student, Joey Griffith, sing the National Anthem at the Cyrus Dallin Event on April 29th, infront of Mayor Menino and the city counsel. Joey is a voice and piano student of Rebecca Rapoport-Cole.

Carlo Cronici, Age 7, performs a piano solo piece at the Cyrus Dallin Event on the Prado, April 29th, 2012. Carlo is a piano student of Rachel Carpentier.