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NEMPAC Spring Dance Recital

June 12, 2023

NEMPAC Spring Dance Recital

Monday, June 12th
Boston City Hall Plaza, Outdoor Amphitheater

Performance Schedule:


4:45 PM Creative Dance and Movement: JR.

Instructor: Anna Cipriani

Featuring: Evelyn Bennett, Niamh Esposito, Freya Finnegan, Annierae Harvey, Carmelina Leo and Hayes McCourt 


4:55 PM Creative Dance and Movement: Ballet & Tap

Instructor: Rei Spitz

Featuring: Daphne Finley, Olivia Gautreau, Anna Korovaeva, Sebastian LaRandeau, Stella LaRosa, Fiona Michalski, Ebba Peterson, Bree Ryan and Amelia Thompson


5:10 PM Creative Dance and Movement: Ballet

Instructor: Rei Spitz

Featuring: Lulu Bailey, Ellie Berglund, Cora Bower, Leila Brtt, Mira Butler, Arlo Cappadona, Penelope Castner, Clare Keighery, Ella McCloskey, Dory Trahon and Marea Zimmerman


5:25 PM Young Dancers: Ballet & Jazz (North End-Section)

Instructor: Tess Liddy

Featuring: Serena Bahcheli, Audrina Esposito, Amelie Kana, Nevena MacDowell, London O’Brien, Riley Pinch, and Emma Schober


5:40 PM Young Dancers: Ballet & Jazz (Charlestown-Section)

Instructor: Rei Spitz

Featuring: Ava Barrow, Layla Berglund, Arlo Currie, Alexa Dassios, Esterlyn Destine, Sarah Fillo Gowdy, Riley Hawkins, Vivian LaMay, Clara McNiff, Tess Nuzum, Tess Poulos, Ada Sayer, Hope Tierney, and Harper Weiss


5:55 PM Young Dancers: Ballet & Tap

Instructor: Rei Spitz

Featuring: Leanna Crampton, Thayer Eila, Amelie Kana, Pearl Keefe, Gemma Martin, Grace Mayer, Charlotte Mitchell, Beatrice Richey, Evelyn Thompson, and Yesmeily Valedon


6:10 PM Chorus Liners: Ballet & Tap

Instructor: Tess Liddy

Featuring: Sabina Cohen, Lenore Crampton, Keira Finely, Kalina MacDowell, Hayden Miller, Kenna Smith, and Rylan Smith


6:25 PM Beginning Hip Hop Dance 

Instructor: Rei Spitz

Featuring: Louisa Fix, Catherine Lamb, Adela Morgan and Reena Thompson


For More Info, please contact Kayla Tomas at info@nempacboston.org!

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